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Overview of our eBook

Within our featured eBook, you will find all of the North America & International Resources, Tools, Information & Education necessary to successfully become repo agent & profit from it.

The key is to of course gain first hand experience, knowledge and learn the law in your city & state even if you have to work as an assistant at a repo agency in your area.  They're always looking for newcomers to help them track down and recover vehicles through a number of state of the art investigative techniques.

Never before has a more complete guide to starting a repo business been published online than ours, guaranteed!

With a little bit of knowledge and experience, you could be on your way to making hundreds of thousands of dollars annually doing a minimal amount of work.  And who says you have to be the one that goes out to repossess vehicles.



What many new repo agents do is set up with their business so that they basically outsource their work to helpers who recover the vehicle.  They pay out 30-40 percent for each recovery and they "the owner" of the business keeps the rest.  You will still earn substantial amounts of money, but with out the effort of going out to track down, report & tow the vehicles away.  You simply pick up the assignments and find people to do the work for you.

Whether you actually want to go out repo vehicles or have somebody else do it, our guide will take you step-by-step and show you how the big boys do it!

Things to keep in mind if you are interested in becoming a repo man or repossession agent:

  • You Should Have Great People Skills
  • You Should be able to Calm People and Handle Irate Individuals
  • You Should be a Problem Solver
  • You Should Possess Good Investigative Skills
  • You Should 'Read' People Well (people lie, and you need to know when they do)
  • You Should Have Great Organizational Skills
  • You Should be Perseverant
  • You Should be Able to Follow-up With People (such as attorneys, etc.)
  • You May Need to Work Odd Hours (such as nights and weekends)
  • You May Have to Repossess against Someone Larger Than You (they may be intimidating)
  • You May be a Contractor (you pay for gas, insurance, etc. on your own)









Table of contents
Getting started
What you will need to start your own business
Your assets and start up costs
Regulation in particular states
Promoting your services
Making a repossession
Keeping legal
Tracking down assets - 'skip tracing'
Managing your business
Dealing with trouble
The numbers
Building your business
Linking up
Dealing with the police and public
Safety tips
Useful resources





The Complete Directory of Canadian Courts

The Complete Directory of U.S. Courts

Free Legal Forms

Bonus .pdf Resource Guide - 44 pages

Links To Legal Hundreds Web Sites That

Provide Information On Repo Licensing,

Registration & General Business Procedures


Who Can Become A Repo Agent or Start

Their Own Repo Business?

The fact is, anyone can start a repo business regardless of age, sex or physical ability because you have the ability to choose whether you would like to physically go out and get involved in the process, such as tracking down, scouting for the right place & time for the repo, reporting the vehicle to the police, etc... or simply stay in an office or at home and outsource work assignments to repo companies or helpers using your own used tow truck.

The lucrative repo industry has something to offer every one.  The great thing is, regardless if you live in the U.S., Canada or any other country, there will always be lenders looking to collect on debtors through physical repossession of vehicles be it boats, cars, trucks, jet-skis, atv's, motorcycles or industrial equipment.

Within our guide, you will learn how to start a one-man operation towing vehicles for profit and running a multi-staff commercial repo business outsourcing work to immediate helpers or other agencies outside of your area.  Either way, you win big through repo fees up to $450 per operation.

Employment / Job Sites

One of the more useful sections of our web site are web sites that offer repo industry employment opportunities where you can contact repo agencies for extra work where you will be able to learn in the in's and out's of the business

This also is the section where you will find links to repo business directories for which you can scan through and contact repo agencies directly.

Using the section will enable you to find work, even if it's just part time, so you can get an idea out the business works.

Gaining Industry Experience Through School

or On-The-Job Training

In this business, it is imperative that you will know what you're doing.  You need to check with your local courts, secretary of state and local & state agencies to find out what the licensure requirements and procedures are for repossessing vehicles, along with the laws during the act.

The best way as previously mentioned is either go to school for it in your area or find a repo agency that will hire you either as a helper or assistant.  Do it... Even if they don't need your help, ask them if you can observe and learn how they do it.

Laws will vary from state to state, and country to country, however, once you do know the laws where you live, you will begin earning a substantial income.

However, in the U.S. & Canada as described in our guide, you are required to follow a couple of basic rules:

1.  Repossess the vehicle in a "peaceful manner" - which basically means finding an ideal time & location for the repo.

2.  Conduct a Complete Inventory & Condition "Hold Harmless Agreement From Client".  This often involves taking pictures of the vehicle at scene, describing the vehicle, reporting the time, etc...

3.  Report the repossession to the police

Depending on which city, state or country you live in, laws may vary.  So, you must check current laws & licensure requirements with the appropriate courts & government agencies in your area.

The more information you have, the better off you'll be.  Our guide will teach you all of the essentials of the business as repo agencies exist in nearly every country.

Repo Agent Laws, Licensure & Certification

As with any business, there are repo laws you have to follow and licensure & certification that may be required in your city.  Within this section of our eBook, you will find information & links to online references where you can find out exactly how you can go about finding out what the repo laws and rules are in your area.

If you're looking to start your own repo operation, check with the city courts & town office, regardless of which country you live in.

Our featured eBook primarily focuses on the rules, licensure & certification requirements in the U.S. & Canada but includes information that can be applied to any region in the world where repossessing vehicles by private parties is allowed.  As far as all other countries go, again, check with your local court system or police agency and ask.

In addition, you can always contact a repo business nearest you and most likely they will lead you in the right direction quicker than if you were to do the research by yourself.  Just ask questions!!!

The Power of Industry Networking


This section concentrates on the power of networking.  By introducing yourself to potential clients along with other repo companies, you will begin to build relationships that will prove to be very valuable in the future.

For example, if you receive more assignments that you can handle, you can always outsource the lead to another agency and split the profits down the middle.  Typically, one hand washes the other in this industry.  If you demonstrate to them that you are friendly and willing to share leads, they will reciprocate resulting in mutually profitable business relationships that will last for years.

Remember, good relations is key and you don't want to be seen as an obnoxious greedy entity.  You will make a lot of money repossessing in your area, just don't be rude.

We provide tips & introduction techniques to help you make a smooth transition into the repo industry in your specific area, which can be applied to any economy.

Types of Vehicles That Can Be Repossessed

Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATV's, Boats, Jet-Ski's, Industrial Equipment and more!

The different types of vehicles that may be repossessed as a licensed repo agent vary widely, including, but not limited to cars, trucks, motorcycles, atv's, boats, jet-ski's, industrial equipment and anything of value.

You may create a niche for yourself where you live where you can choose to repossess only one-type of vehicle, such as boats, or run a repo agency that does it all, however you will need the equipment.

Of course, your bread and butter will be the repossession of cars & light trucks as they are the most common in this industry.  We suggest all newcomers to begin with cars, then light trucks, and as you gain more experience and acquire the proper equipment, begin venturing out and contacting other companies looking to get their boat, jet-ski or other unique vehicle back from a debtor.

Within this section, you will find information on how to establish yourself as either specialty or general repo agency.

The Repossession Process

This section of the eBook will provide you with detailed information on the inner workings of the repo process.  You will learn what actions you need to take to legally repossess a vehicle in the U.S. & Canada.  If you live outside of North America, you will need to contact the nearest court or business licensing division in your country to find out more.

From forward and backward skip tracing required to tracking down a vehicle and looking it up with the DMV, to observation, to the physical hook-up, to the reporting of the condition of the vehicle, police notification and finally payment receipt.

This section will provide you with the knowledge necessary to begin the process of repossessing vehicles legally and profitably.


How to Make Money In the Business / Forwarding Assignments

Depending on what kind of position you would like to take, you can make money many different ways.  In this section, you will learn how to make money by actually going out to performing the repossessions yourself, hiring helpers to do them for you, or simply forwarding the assignments that you cannot do to other repo agencies.

You see, the goal is to maximize your profits without overworking yourself, in which some cases, means forwarding assignments and splitting the fee.  Remember, it's always better to take the assignment on knowing you cannot do it, than turn it down.  You will always find a repo agency to take on the assignment, and vice versa.


Skip Tracing / Backward Tracing Investigative Techniques

Brief Definition of Skip Tracing:

Skip Tracing is the electronic means of tracking down a suspect.  The Internet has become a powerful tool in the search for fugitives.

Skip Tracing can be used to locate defendants and wanted fugitives.  There are vast resources available on the Internet, some of which include searching DMV Records, Social Security Searches, Court Files, Reverse Lookup Tools, plus so many more.

Skip Tracing is an art, and will take some practice.  These Skip Tracing techniques can be used to capture wanted fugitives at all governing authoritative levels.

Backwards Skip Tracing:

A great deal of the problems in auto repossession occur in the location of the debtor. There is a prospective technique employed by auto repossessors that is often referred to as backwards tracing. What the repo man does is look for vehicles with out of state or out of county tags on them. When he spots one he jots down the location of the car and the tag number. With the tag number he obtains a vehicle registration from state motor vehicle and does a title trace. What this tells him is, if the vehicle has a lien on it. If it does, it will give the name of the lending company. The lending company is then contacted to see if the vehicle is missing and needs to be repossessed. Many repo men report that they can obtain assignment to a repossession on three out of every twenty leads they perform a title trace on.

In addition, you will also find a plethora of alternative skip tracing techniques that you can employ to track down & discover whether vehicles have liens against them and who the debtors are.

The Tools of The Trade

In this business, you will need the tools necessary for perform the repossessions, which included, but are not limited to the proper truck, lock picking tools, key code pads, lock pulling, etc...  You will find everything you need to know about the tools necessary for the vehicle repo's in this section.

Can I use your techniques in my area

We went ahead designed our guide so the business startup resources & techniques can be applied any economy, although it primarily focuses on the U.S. & Canadian repo industries.

The steps to start a repo agency is more or less the same outside of the U.S. & Canada, in the fact that you most likely have to be licensed & authorized to repossess vehicles.  The business startup plan offered in our guide can be applied anywhere.  As far as the court & business licensing division go, you must contact you local & state agencies in the country where you reside.

Our International Renown repo industry guide has been featured in hundreds of publications worldwide, and has become known as the most in-depth, complete repo industry guide offered on and offline.



Within our resources section, you will find a complete set of resources that will prove to be extremely useful when looking to start your own repo company, including grant information, links to associations, wholesale sources to repossession supplies, agency web sites, over 100 FREE/LOW COST Advertising & Marketing Methods that you can use to advertise your services, publications, the national directory of U.S. & Canadian courts, secretary of state web sites, a list of repo agent training programs, courses & schools, plus so much more.

Never before has a repo industry guide provided vital inside industry information for aspiring repo agents.















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