This Is Our Fleet of Repo Trucks & Equipment With Motor Silencers


As seasoned repo agents operating a repo company in California for over three decades, we can honestly say that if you're looking to consistently making a lot of money and love covert operations, this is the business for you.  Our staff has a combined 80 years in the business, and have established inside industry contacts that have enabled us to be one of the top revenue-generating repo companies in the U.S.

Jake, Joey & Frank, owners of this web site have come together to offer up their knowledge & experience to those looking to profit from the incredibly lucrative repo industry.

Today, we have more assignments given to us by banks & car dealerships along with colleagues from other cities & states where profits from repo's are split than we know what to with.  We actually have to turn down assignments on a daily basis.  This industry is exploding and has been growing steadily year after year, resulting in an insufficient amount of repo companies to handle all of the recovery assignments.

The key to this industry, like any other is connections.  Once you establish yourself in the repo industry and successfully begin recovering vehicles, you will begin networking with other repo companies and referred to by other clients looking to have their vehicles recovered.

We love this business.  We make our own hours, decide which vehicle recovery assignments to take on while outsourcing the ones we don't, all the while making thousands of dollars a day.

The earnings potential of this industry is truly astronomical.  A repossession may only take 15-30 minutes, and you can earn up to $400 for each recovery.  Just take that number and multiply that by a conservative 5-10 assignments a day, and you and your helpers are all of the sudden making six figure incomes.

Forget working full time jobs, fighting traffic and putting up with bosses.  Be your own boss, take charge and begin helping banks, lending institutions and car dealerships take back their autos.

There is absolutely no other business we would rather be in that would allow us to make the kind of money that we do.

But don't take our word for it!!!

If you don't believe us, simply contact any repo company and they will tell you that there are many assignments to go around and thousands can be made.

Now is the time to jump in to the game, finding debtors and taking back vehicles.  If you're sick of living hand to mouth, then you need to put yourself in a winning position.  The repo business, once licensed, insured & established, will prove to be an extremely valuable source of income for you.

You decide how much you want to make on a daily basis, whether it be one assignment  at $350, five or 10 by yourself or with a team of helpers.












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