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 A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Become A Repo Agent
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A repo man or repossession agent is one of the most unpopular people in society today. However, he or she serves an essential function of insuring the protection of property. When someone cannot pay for a debt that they took on, debt collectors step in and try to recover the money owed. When debt collectors cannot acquire the amount due from the debtor, they may call upon the services of a repo company to 'collect' on this debt, by taking back the car, boat, or other property that debt is owed upon. Contrary to popular belief, no company or creditor wants to have to collect bad debts, as it is very costly to do so. A creditor would far rather work out a deal than have to search and seize property from a debtor.


If a lender finds itself in the situation of needing to repossess property while the borrower attempts to avoid paying the debt, the creditor may contract the work of repossession out to a repo company. Repo companies' employees are known as repossession agents, or repo men. Though most often, a repo man is employed by a repo company, many repossession agents work as independent contractors to lending institutions, credit-card companies, or other repo companies.


A "repossessor" is any person who engages in business or accepts employment to locate or recover personal property registered under the Vehicle Code or other personal property sold under a security agreement


Is it a safe industry to be in.  The overall answer is yet.  Most debtors know it's just a matter of time that their vehicle will be repossessed, however there are a small handful that may yell or get angry.  If they do, then just walk away and do it a later time.  Never force a repo.  Remember, repo's don't have to be nasty, they have to made in a "PEACEFUL MANNER" by law.  Just choose the right time & location and you're o.k.

Our eBook will provide you with tips & repo techniques that will help you run a smooth extremely lucrative operation.



At My Repo Job, you will find everything you need to start earning a substantial income repossessing vehicles.  With just a bit of insider knowledge, observation and training, you can begin earning money as a repo agent. Getting started is not that difficult, and doesn't take start-up capital at all.

At our web site, we will show you what a repo agent does, and how you can obtain clients that will pay you to locate & repossess cars for fees ranging from $200-$350 where you are the one who tows the vehicle or someone you outsource the assignment to.   Once vehicles are located, the process only takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes and you earn hundreds of dollars.

With the proper licensure, training & experience, you could be earning up to $2k a day in repo's just by yourself, not to mention if you were to hire a staff & acquire a fleet of tow trucks.

Banks, Car Loan Companies, Used Car Lots, New Car Dealerships, Car Rental Agencies & Private Citizens are feverishly looking for people to find debtors and confiscate their vehicles.

Never before has there been a better time to get into the Multi-Billion dollar repo business!!!  We and our associates have over five decades of experience in the repo business and we want to share our wealth of insider knowledge with you, so you can begin making boatloads of cash on a daily basis.

Our guide takes you step-by-step to become a reputable repo agent in your city; You will find a plethora of resources & industry educational information including Repo Agent Schools, Employment Sites, Investigative Techniques, Duties of a Repo Agent, Repo Agent Laws, Profit Potential Turning Repo's Into Cash, Networking within your Industry, Sharing Information, A List of Repo Companies, Marketing Methods, Licensure, The Repossession Process, and every other tool you need to become successful.

The repo industry is hidden, which is why you don't see many individuals & agencies offering their services.  Their goal is to keep the industry small and tight-nit, only sharing leads and giving advice to one another.  We decided to expose this industry so any one that is willing to get out there and make several hundred to several thousand a day will have the tools, contacts & resources to do so.

Every year, the principals take 2-3 months off and head to the Caribbean in our yacht, relax, fish & party and then spend time in Europe!!! We love the lifestyle and wouldn't trade it for the world.

Jake, Frank & Joey, the owners of the web site can't describe the thrill they get when repossessing cars.  Joe says "there's no other job that offers this much adrenaline pumping excitement and thrills.  I find it fun & adventurous and the ultimate job for those that are daring".


How Profits Are Made Through Assignments


Making money as a repo agent is fairly straightforward.  First, you need to check with your local courts & government agencies to see what the requirements are to get licensed in your area.  Then get some experience.  We suggest contacting a repo company near where you live and ask to become an assistant, even if you don't make that much.

What this will do is give you the basic knowledge, training & experience to start repossessing vehicles for yourself.

As far as finding clients to repossess vehicles for, you don't need to look too far.  All you have to do is contact Banks, Car Loan Companies, Used Car Lots, New Car Dealerships, Car Rental Agencies & even Private Citizens.  Tell them who you are and what you do.  They will usually asked if you are licensed, and once you say yes, they may very well give you an assignment to try you out.

Once you successfully repossess the vehicle, you will prove yourself to them, and they will typically give you more assignments on a regular basis.  If you get just a few clients, expect to be earning several hundred dollars a day, depending on how much they pay.

You may find that many companies that you contact already use a repo agent, if not multiple.  Don't worry.  Most companies give assignments to repo agents on a rotating system, so all repo agents get work.  Many of the banks & car dealerships must give assignments to multiple agents to retain them as they do not like to rely on just one person or company when it gets really busy.

They like to make sure that when a car needs to be repossessed, that THERE WILL BE someone who can handle it in a  timely manner, sometimes within 24 hours.  Multiple repo agent relationships must be maintained.


Repo fees seem to vary greatly within the United States from one type of market to another. The standard rate for a repo from a bank or loan company is about $200 to $400. The standard fee for a used car agency is about $100.00 to $150.00. The repo agency usually has a break down in the charges which might look something like this:

DRIVER FEE: $45.00 -$75
CONDITION REPORT & PHOTO: $15.00 - $30.00
SKIP TRACE: 4 hours @ 25.00 per hour $100.00
INSURANCE: $15.00 - $30.00


Why Become A Repo Agent?  1.)  The High Rate of Pay, 2.) The uninhibited power, and 3.) self-employment, and 4.) Personal Satisfaction of Helping Lenders


The Legal Process

One of the most important things that agents must follow is the law.  If they don't, they could find themselves in hot water legally & financially.  It is imperative that that the repo agent know the law & their limitations when recovering a vehicle in the vicinity where they operate.  For example, they simply cannot break into a garage and take a car.  They must wait for an opportune moment when the owner is either working, sleeping or engaged in some other activity away from the vehicle in a public setting.

By law in the U.S. & Canada, automobiles & other types of vehicles must be repossessed in a "PEACEFUL MANNER".  Remember, possession is nine-tenths of the law.  Learning how to take advantage of repo opportunities is key to success in this business.

Once a car has been repossessed, a repo agent must do the following:

This is done for the safety of the repossessor and at times required by law depending on where you live.  You will want to notify the police that the vehicle has been repossessed.  Often, when the debtor finds out that their vehicle is gone, they will call the police and report it stolen, so if you get stopped, the police officer will believe it is stolen.  Again to prevent this, simply notify the police of the repo.

An inventory and condition report must be made on the vehicle as soon after the repossession as possible.  Often times, taking a picture of the vehicle before leaving the location.

At the time of the repossession, the repossession agency obtains from the client a written authorization to repossess and what is called a hold harmless agreement.  You will need to obtain this authorization to prevent any litigation or claims resulting in the repossession of the vehicle.

Remember, if you do become a repo agent, just follow the rules and you'll be o.k..  Just report the auto repossession to the police & obtain a written authorization "complete inventory & condition" or hold harmless agreement from the client and you'll be o.k.

Within our information & resource rich guide, you will find everything you earn a very healthy income repossessing vehicles.


Who Can Become A Repo Agent?


In general, any one, from any country can become a repo agent, whether it be in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand or any other country.

Our guide primarily concentrates on how to become a repo agent both in the U.S. & Canada, however, the system can be applied to any country in the world where repossession of vehicles by private parties are allowed.

A Repo Agent Business Startup Formula That Can Be

Applied In Any Country In The World Where

Repossession of Vehicles Is Allowed

By Private Parties!



The Thrill Of The Chase

Within our guide, you will essential learn how to become a private investigator.  By using skip tracing techniques, and others known as backward skip tracing, and in just a short period of time, you will be able to easily track down and identify vehicles with liens against them.

Our featured guide takes you step-by-step to, from licensure, to marketing, to networking, to employing investigative techniques so that you can begin repossessing vehicles for big money.

Beside the challenge and excitement attempting to track down vehicles, the true adventure comes when it's time to secure & tow the vehicle away while the debtor is not looking.  We don't know how to describe it, all the we can tell you is that you have to experience it.

The preparing & execution of the repo can be an intense experience, not knowing that owner is going come out or not and situations that can arise.  All that we can say to anybody is "JUST TRY IT"....  You'll love it!









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